"Simplification from Sophistication and its Consumerization"

theOblong takes complicated technology problems and delivers simple and easy to use software tools that enable the everyday user elegant and cost effective solutions. Our focus is on conceiving, building and delivering disruptive software and our key products are based around:

  • Geospatial Technologies
  • Master Data Management
  • Semantics and Unstructured Data

By developing disruptive software we aim to democratise previously costly applications bringing them within reach of SMEs and charities, in addition to larger corporate and public sector organisations. We passionately believe that complex mapping and matching technologies should not be the preserve of the wealthy. By utilising existing and new technologies we are able to make our products available to the widest possible audience and deploying them to our clients in the shortest possible timeframes.


Founded in 2010 by experts in the fields of Location Intelligence (Geospatial), Search, Matching, Master Data Management and Semantic Entity Extraction. These individuals had the concept and vision to build elegant technological solutions that simplified sophisticated software problems.

theOblong team has built tools and delivered numerous projects spanning some of the worlds most advanced software technologies and complex business issues surrounding:

  • Geospatial and Location Intelligence
  • Master Data Management and Data De-Duplication
  • Semantics and Unstructured Data
  • Artificial Intelligence (Neural Networking and Heuristics)
  • Matching (Vectorial and Associative)

theOblong has delivered services and solutions into the following sectors:

  • Central & Regional Government
  • Defence, Crime & Anti-Terrorism
  • Retail
  • Public Health & Pharmaceutical
  • Insurance
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Telecommunications


theOblong geospatial tools are a collection of Location Intelligence Applications that are feature rich, accessible to all and user friendly.

  • Why? In our daily lives we are saturated by information, professionally, privately and collectively. Information that is at times difficult to consume.
  • So? The core function of all our Apps is to help you better visualize, consume and understand such data through Location Intelligence and WebGIS.
  • How? Each application will consume data and visualize it for you on a map. Revealing hidden insights, trends and perspectives. Helping you to ask the right questions of your data.

theOblong has delivered geospatial solutions to the following industries:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Services
  • Crime & Disorder
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Market Research
  • Retail
  • Talent Manangement
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities


theOblong Master Data Management tools delivers Master Data Management through innovative web applications. With the aim of providing accessible Master data Management no matter the budget!

  • Why? Data is difficult to manage! Collected over long periods, stored in various places, duplicated and restored... Difficulties include interrogation, distribution and reliance, but it remains core to your current and future business!
  • So? theOblong MDM Applications break the cycle of poor data management. Handing back data that you can trust, share and use with confidence. Make better decisions based on a true representation of your business.
  • How? theOblong MDM will de-duplicate disparate customer data, look for similarity matches and reveal hidden insights, trends and more. Choose from a range of solutions based on your need and affordability.


theOblong has created an application that allows the user to process their data as when they need to. No need for large software installs all the processing is done online via a secure platform.

theOblong has delivered tools to the following sectors:

  • Citizen Matching
  • Customer Matching
  • Household Data
  • Company Groups
  • Analytical MDM

Semantics & AI

For decades engineers have fought great battles with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it could be integrated within business enterprises. theOblong consultants have been working in this field for decades. Initially developing predictive software for the Nuclear Industry that predicted plant problems that had not previously been thought about or predicted. More latterly in the Space Industry writing complex AI algorhythms calculating space flight and the effects of gravitational pull.

Over the last couple of years theOblong team have been building complex Semantic systems and solutions that address such issues as:

  • the development of intelligent (semantic based) crawling engines enabling the location of targetted content quickly within a web site
  • The extraction of identified content as unstructured text
  • The analysis of the unstructured text using natural language processing, expert system technologies & techniques to extract entity data and create semantic meta tags
  • the validation of content using further AI techniques, such as neural networking, heuristics, machine learning and other document classification methods identifying false positives.

During 2010 the team has embarked, for a large Australian Bank, on a project that fuses Semantic and AI techniques(neural networking & heuristics) with Master Data Management Technology. The result is the ability to "own" the unstructured data (the MDM technology enables theOblong team to understand non-obvious relationships for example names vs nick-names etc) within a report, data archive, document management system or web site. The result is then re-presented back to the query via a Vectoral matching system.




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